YouTube Fan Fest 2015


It’s been a while since the last YouTube Fan Fest and maybe you’ve heard that another YTFF is happening on May 27, 2016 so I wanted to share my experience with you guys.

“Hi, my name is Caspar Lee”

“I will see you next time with another Sugg Sunday special!”

“So his name is Oli White and he’s the best in the land”

I still can’t believe that I met JASPOLI live last June 27, 2015. I thought that
there would be no possibility that I would meet them in person and that I would
just see them through my screen forever but *BAM* it happened.



To be able to attend the Youtube Fanfest is a dream come true, there are only  limited tickets available and I am very thankful for my friend who gave me the tickets ((love youuu)). Last May #BringYoutubersToManila ((which was started by a Scholastican)) trended worldwide on twitter, a few weeks later some youtubers planned on coming to the Philippines for the Youtube Fanfest.

I’ve been a fan of Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, and Oli White for quite a while now so the risks I had to take didn’t bother me. Thousands of fans were already there waiting for the main doors to be opened hours before the event. The waiting was such a disaster! People were being squished, stepped on and some were fainting, it was basically a stampede! But it was so much worse when they opened the doors, it was like the Hunger Games people were running for the front row space, a lot of people got injured and it was horrifying. Fortunately we were also able to be in the front row 🙂



When it was time for JASPOLI to come out the crowd went so wild, it was like you’re inside a hurricane because you can’t control yourself and all you can do is go with the crowd. But when I saw them I was so captivated. Time seemed to slow down and suddenly they’re all that I could see, it didn’t matter that people were stepping on me, all that matters is that I was actually seeing them and it was surreal. After they did their part and left I suddenly couldn’t breathe, at first I said it was nothing but then it got worse so I was sent to the medic.
I may not finished the event but that’s okay because out of millions of fans out there I
was given the chance to see the 3 people that I really adore and I will treasure it
forever. I do hope that there would be another YTFF next year and that the management
would be much more better than this one!


So if you’re wondering why I said “next year” it’s because I wrote this blog post last year & I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to post it. Though I made up my mind this year hope you guys like it!!

Unfortunately I’m not coming to this year’s YTFF because I don’t really know everyone from the line up so it would be a waste. Did you go to last year’s event or are you coming this year? Tell me on the comments below!! 🙂



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