Books I’m Ashamed I Haven’t Read Yet


Heyyyy!! Today I am going to share to you books that are really really popular these days that I haven’t read. Yes I am outdated. Yes I have not read all the books in the world, but hey I still have a lot of time to read sooo I think that’s okay(?)

Are you ready to get shocked? If you are then let’s continue to this embarrasing list. ((please don’t kill me 😦 ))

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Gift Ideas for Book Lovers


The fireplace’s lit.
The Christmas tree’s up.
Christmas decorations are all over the place.
Christmas songs are playing!
Christmas is definitely near but do you have anything in mind to give to your fellow book nerd? One thing that I find hard to do is thinking of a Christmas gift for someone, is it the same for you? If yes then here are some gift ideas that book lovers would love a.k.a my wishlist

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